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Autumn is finally here, which means it is my favourite time of the year. Autumn means crisp air in your lungs and the anticipation of the beauty of changing leaves. It means spending days in bed with a good book and comfy socks, and of course it means bringing out those beloved scarves (no they are not blankets). In a sort of foggy atmosphere of mind, I find myself constantly in the company of Gregory Alan Isakov and Bon Iver’s voices this time of year. Something about their voices brings comfort and safety and seems to make me melt into a state of autumn bliss.

  1. A few of my favourite books.
  2. Reading books for school is somehow more distracting than usual.
  3. From top to bottom, my Zara scarf, both middle scarves from ALDO, and lastly Aritzia.
  4. They are worth the pain (ALDO).
  5. Meet Theo, of course I name my plants what is wrong with you.

The Concordia Greenhouse

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Tucked away high up on The 13th Floor of Concordia University is this charming little study spot; The Greenhouse. After quite an adventure climbing up the stairs we finally made it. Though not many people know about it, it is quite a peaceful area to study in. It is filled with so much light and warmth, and i emphasize the warmth part; it gets really seriously hot in there.

Cafe Crawl No.1

Café Névé

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Café Martin

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Le Moineau Masqué

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Café Aunja

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Though i would not call myself a coffee addict, I do share a profound love for coffee and coffee shops. There has always been something so comforting to me in finding a new coffee shop, ordering a latte or tea, and spending my time there in the company of a good book. I can not even recall the amount of essays that have been written while in these places. It almost seems to me that being surrounded by and interesting environment, surrounded by people who are also working, stimulates me to concentrate more on the work I do.

No 1. Café Névé

This place is known particularly for their signature chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies, which i strongly, very strongly suggest trying. It took all of my strength to only order a single one. Either one of their two locations (one on Mont-Royal and another on Rachel) provides friendly staff and an atmosphere with great energy.

No 2. Café Martin

I am in love with the decor of Café Martin. The high ceilings and brick wall make you feel as though you’re either in some chic loft apartment or trendy New York café. It’s a really great quite place to study and is only a short block away from Saint-Laurent metro station.

No 3. Le Moineau Masqué

This charming, cozy café allows you to feel as though you’re sitting in your own living room, which is one of the benefits of being tucked away from the chaos of downtown Montreal. They also have an outdoor seating space which is lovely and rare to find.  Always a great place to go wether to enjoy their great lattes or delicious pastries.

No 4. Café Aunja

This coffee shop was created in 2013 by a couple from Iran. The name in Farsi means “the place” or “the coffee shop”. This coffee shop is always filled with students and promotes creative individuals by hosting different types of events or displaying their art. The goal of this place was to create and warm and enchanting place that would make people feel as though they were in their own home and they do a successful job at achieving it. They are known for their wide range of homemade ice teas.

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Embracing Brokenness

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Uncertainty; this mystical realm that either leads to a spiralling panic caused by the unknown outcome of our lives, or gives us a setting sense of peace with the possibility of new beginnings. In the end, we are all looking for the answers to questions that we do not necessarily have the answers to. We can’t know the outcome of our lives, but to see it barely below the surface of the water, unattainable and mysterious has to be enough.  Life will change us and we will no doubt make mistakes, but as time goes on, we seize to be the bruise of those mistakes and begin to be reminded that mistakes are a human cause.

Have you ever met someone with a force so strong, they never fail to draw you in? Similar to the way the tides comply to the relentless pull of the moon. There are some lessons that don’t necessarily come easy. Or maybe we do learn, but we begin to find comfort in the chaos of repeating our failures. Clinging on to the hope that we could build something great on failure. In fact, most accomplishments are built on failure. Failure is beautiful in how raw it is. It is beautiful in how imperfect it makes us appear. There is beauty in messy, dilapidated, chaotic things. This idea has been embraced by the Japanese. It is demonstrated in their well-known practice called Kintsugi; a process involving the mending of broken pottery with powdered gold with the intention of turning broken objects into something more beautiful than the original ones. The philosophy bases itself on a term called Wabi Sabi; the art of finding beauty in impermanence and imperfection rather than Western culture’s obsession with geometry or symmetry.

My Inspiration board









Here is a look inside my very own inspiration board (well in the form of a book). It was important for me to start one last summer. Every time an idea would spark, it would take roughly 10 seconds before I would discredit the idea, losing the battle to logistics and assumptions; “I don’t have enough time, it’s too complicated, the idea is too extreme it’ll never happen, etc….” I’ve also been called a dreamer quite often by my family or friends, and though it usually tends to sound like a bad thing, I view it as a completely positive thing. Im determined to make the things I want to have happen really happen. My thoughts wander, and I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the things i aspire to do in my life, but as a very visual person, this book has allowed me to the privilege of comforting referrals every time I do get overwhelmed; a constant reminder of what is possible. I also tend to stick anything in it that catches my eye, magazine articles, paper stubs, and individuals that have never failed to inspire me. And as for that charming little jar at the end, it holds the book marks I make (I try to make a new one for every book i read).


One of my fashion icons is the wonderful Alexa Chung. I envy and admire her effortless, rolled out of bed look and her inevitable way of pulling off masculine clothes in a girly way. It is absolutely impressive. My outfit for today has a boyfriend/Chung inspired look. I really love how chunky the top is (Simons). Almost as much as i love buttoned up collars. As for my new, beloved oxfords, they are from L’Intervalle, a Montreal based shoes store located on Mont-Royal.

Vinyl Sessions

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Walking by on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I came across the Mural Festival wall, which was in my previous post, and it is finally completed. I love how the chalk effect makes it look childish in a lively, urban way. I sat there staring at it from far for quite a while, taking it all in and taking a new perspective on it. I found myself soothed by how the artists’ managed to convey simplicity and chaos in one mesmerizing piece of art. So evidently, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to take out the camera and snap a few pictures.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My earliest memories date back to a five year old me, nodding along to the melodies of Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Pink Floyd blasting out of my dad’s car speakers. Over the years rock has been in my top genres, but alternative and Indie rock have also played a huge part. My dusted old Califone no longer works, so for the past year i’ve been using my Technics SL-D2 turntable that i am very fond of. I can’t bring myself to chose favourites, but a few vinyls i’ve been playing over and over recently include… No 1. Sleeping Operator by The Barr Brothers, No 2. Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia Stone, No 2. Lost in the Dream by War on Drugs, No 3. Turn Blue by the Black Keys, No 4. The Year of Hibernation by Youth Lagoon, and finally No 5. Love Songs for Robots by Patrick Watson. Enjoy guys!

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